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21 year old, bisexual girl from Norway that loves to art, write and cling to people.

It’s only 13℃ here but I was sitting the direct sunlight and am now so warm *slowly melts onto notes*

It’s now legit 19 degrees in the shade and I regret not buying ice cream yesterday..

In the sun it’s fairly warm, but there’s a breeze so it’s all perfect * 3*

16.7℃ now :D vanilla ninja is an estonian band look em up on youtube

I’ve got exactly one degree more than you and I’m dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggg!!!

Hmm, I will ` 3`

I’ll send photos sometime i don’t have many good ones xD

Pfft, alrighty :D

It was like, 6 years ago xD our school choir travelled to talinn for this huge choir event where we sang with the lead from vanilla ninja :D

vanilla ninja.. who’s that XD omg u had fun I guess 

Here too! 16.3 rn

it’s 17.9 rn and soon 18.. it’s rising so fast I can’t even D:

It’s getting too warm!!!

/// is how i draw bird feet but you’re so much way better artist than me xD

I.. managed somehow.. doing the sketch lines now *v*

It’s almost 17 degrees outside.. and that’s in the shade! :D

I’ve been travelling more within germany too the last couple years. (where the fuck is fuorte ventura btw bc i was there when i was 4 apparently)
Might have touched down in sweden idk. Per bus through denmark than ship to sweden? To finland and a plane from helsinki to talinn

Too much travel :D

You don’t need to take a boat from Denmark to Sweden anymore tho, there’s these HUGE bridges between now.. but there is a boat that goes between too… I think..

I um… May already have a self-made kimono for anime conventions?

:O :O :O :O :O!!!!! oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Noot noooooot

Nooooooooooooooot noot ` 3`

Pfft. Welp had to get food for today and tmrw at least, right?

Yep yep.

Food’s good for a week or so :D If I’m careful for the next month’s I might have money to pay the rent for july and august.. bc I’m still not sure if I get into any uni’s with the grades I have and I kinda like this place.. altho the floor is kinda fucked up and I wonder how my landlord will react to that.. ugh